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The new national home oxygen service contract came into place 29/3/12, following a national and regional procurement process. Contract awarded to Dolby Ltd to deliver O2 to South East Coast Region.

Oxymon'sTM medical director says:



"OxymonTM is an ideal monitoring device for oxygen provider companies to employ as a vital component of home oxygen provision. Oxygen providers who demonstrate committment to safety, efficacy and efficiency via effective monitoring will have a competetive advantage when bidding for contracts."

What is Oxymon?

OxymonTM is a microprocessor-based device that monitors the flow of gas from an oxygen supply to the user wearing a nasal cannula pipe or facemask. A second pipe running alongside the delivery cannula pipe detects the user’s breathing. Variations in flow are analysed and checked to ensure that they fall within predefined limits. Should they fall outside the expected levels and periodicities, audible and visual alarms will be raised. The device can store and display data regarding the duration of oxygen inhalation as compared to the duration of oxygen flow over a 24-hour period.

 Schematic of Oxymon oxymon device2_235x300 

Breathing detection is not only a safety feature, but also improves compliance with the intended treatment regime. Commonly, patients have the mask or nasal cannula poorly positioned, reducing the effectiveness of the treatment. The detection of breathing can also signal that the oxygen flow has been left on unintentionally.